Prospering Together Toward a Better Tomorrow

As of January 2023, foreign countries own $7.4 trillion or an estimated 24% of the total $31.46 trillion national debt. Over the past two decades, Japan and China have owned the most American treasuries. Given the alarming condition of the U.S. economy and the high Debt-to-GDP ratio, and the sheer cost of servicing the debt 9$395.5 billion this fiscal year), economists are predicting a bleak future for our country’s economic condition.

As a nation, we need to wake up and become cognizant of the fact that other countries, such as China, Korea, Russia, the U.K., and more, are operating in their best interests. The U.S. needs to take a similar stance and work on serving its own interests.

We need a leadership that can actively work to return more jobs home instead of someone who only cares about serving their own interest. We certainly need to reevaluate our economic stance and stop supplying jobs, military components for electronics, and more growth opportunities to other nations instead of focusing on growing our economy.

Our nation needs rational, intelligent leaders in the promising and lucrative fields of robotics, artificial intelligence, and other research and technology-related industries so that we can create more job avenues for people. Two hundred twenty-eight thousand initial joblessness claims were filed during the first week of April. It means that more people continue to lose their jobs and rely on unemployment checks.

We deserve leadership that can actively look into these problems and determine why, despite having capable, intelligent, and knowledgeable individuals, we are facing the possibility of another recession.

My Policy

My singular aim in creating an economic policy that works for our nation is to focus on the best interest of the U.S. Instead of thinking about utilizing forced labor and other unethical forms of conduct, I want to focus on creating more internal job opportunities by tapping the resources available in the U.S., namely state-of-the-art technology and AI development. I aim to ensure every capable individual in the U.S. gets the opportunity to work for a fair salary so that they don’t have to look elsewhere to grow their careers and the country can benefit from their minds and labor.

I aim to focus on the following aspects to take the U.S. economy to a strong position:

Committees of intelligent economists and professionals

Focus on workforce development and related education and training initiatives

Fair earning scale to support the increasing cost of living of the working class

Develop fair trade models that benefit us in the long run

Ethical growth of the national pharmaceutical industry

Focus on becoming self-sufficient in diverse industries

Affordable housing for labor force

Foster potential and growing talent in rural and under served areas across the country

Your Vote Matters

As a businessman with a career that spans over 20 years, I have the industry experience of working with national and global agents. I aim to change the economic condition of our country and help create more work opportunities for our labor force while incentivizing people to pursue higher education to ultimately benefit our country.

Vote for Arthur Drew for a better tomorrow!

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