Sowing the Seeds for a Brighter Future

Education is essential to humanity; it is especially crucial for a democratic nation that relies on its residents to bring people into power. When the all-important decision of handing over the reins of our great nation relies on the hands of uneducated individuals or those with questionable education, the consequences are always dire and are felt by generations to come.
It’s no surprise that our education system is in a state of crisis.

The failure of our education system lies in the fact that we collectively lack critical thinking.

How else would one explain the appointment of an individual who cannot even string together a coherent sentence as the former President of the U.S.? It also explains the appointment of President Biden, who won his campaign on the back of a barebones agenda to give money directly to community colleges for free education, when most of his supporters stood to profit from this move.

We lack severely in providing basic education to every child and continue to fail our children. Our education policies in the past two decades, such as the No Child Left Behind Act and Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), have failed to provide us the impetus we need to educate our children and turn them into critical thinkers.

While we continue to toot our own horn and claim the status of being the world leader, the truth is that we need fundamental reforms to shed our ignorance and teach our children anything of value. It’s the only way to

My Policy

My education policy is simple – teachers need to be involved in education, not indoctrination. My goal is to encourage Congress to entrust our parents and teachers to proactively participate in the policy-making process so that the public school system can benefit from reforms meant to focus on improving the quality of education.

Our country’s education policy should be in the hands of rational minds with clearly defined views on morality, traditional values, community, and real-world experience as educators and parents. There is no place for gender politics or secondary matters in a child’s education.

We also need to realign our priorities with our core values. The change will start by empowering competent and deserving teachers and professional educators to use their expertise and regain control of their classrooms to tailor their teaching to their students’ distinct needs.

Here are some key points of my education policy:

Make teachers and parents central figures in policy and reform creation

Improve the quality of education so the focus remains only on education instead of indoctrination

Foster opportunities to enhance critical thinking so today's students can become tomorrow's thought leaders

Evaluate teachers and prevent them from being overworked through workforce development

Improve teacher pay and create more incentives for better performance

Support mental health initiatives for students and teachers

Work on school security

Protect parental rights

Tackle overcrowding in the public school system

Increase funding for post-secondary education to eliminate crippling student debts

Establishing Curfew for Kindergarten Through 12th-Grade Students

Every child needs parental guidance until they reach a mature age. They do not need to be out on the streets after eight o’clock in the evening. We need to protect our youth as they are our future.

Setting curfews for children from kindergarten through 12th grade will ensure they spend the night doing their homework and spending time with their families. It’s especially needed in the inner-most parts of our cities, where children can become crime victims.

Kids need to learn traditional values by being around their parents, who need to step up and become their role models. Parents need to take an active part in their kids’ lives so they can oversee their evening activities and bring them home before eight o’clock. Children should also have no access to weapons and should focus on their education.

Your Vote Matters

As a former educator who taught at a public school in Meadville, PA, I understand the value of education. Nothing makes me sadder than seeing the current state of education in the U.S.

I am running for President as an independent because it’s high time we look beyond party politics and focus on what truly matters – empowering teachers to create better futures for our children!

Vote for Arthur Drew for a better tomorrow!

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