Art Drew

Arthur Drew is a decorated veteran, passionate patriot, successful entrepreneur, and loving family man with the hope of becoming the next President of the U.S.

Born in a rural farming and industrial community in Pennsylvania, Arthur has worked hard his entire life to have a diverse, fulfilling, and successful career. After finishing school, he was briefly employed as a barber but fate had other plans for him.

With a passion for flying and serving his nation, Arthur decided to join the United States Air Force. He attended college while serving as an Air Force personnel in Washington State. Soon, he was deployed to Vietnam, where he served his nation from 1965 to 1966.

After his Air Force tour ended, Arthur held on to his desire for flying and worked as a commercial pilot while owning and operating his own Charter Air Service and flight school. He took great joy in sharing his experience and teaching others the art of flying.

Eventually, Arthur reduced his aviation activities to start a new business, an electrical service company in the industrial manufacturing sector. Thanks to his dedication and professionalism, he created a flourishing empire over 20 years, servicing electrical and manufacturing equipment throughout the U.S. and globally.

Arthur isn’t just a successful businessman and our beloved presidential candidate; he is also a proud family man.

Soon after returning from Vietnam, he started teaching at a public school in Meadville, PA. That’s when he met his wife Cheryl, who was a public school music teacher. It wasn’t long before they got married and started their family life. They have children and grandchildren whom they love endlessly.

Now that he has fulfilled his familial responsibilities, Arthur is ready to serve his nation once more. He hopes to use his strong military background, hands-on experience in the field, entrepreneurship skills, and creative mind to bring an honest change to Washington.

Arthur is certain that his fellow American patriots will share his vision for a stronger, united country. He firmly believes that the U.S. needs someone with a strong military understanding and training to become its Commander-in-Chief, and there is no better candidate than him for the job.

Today, Arthur needs your support to become the President of the United States and take us toward a better future.

A Word From Arthur

I chose to be an independent candidate because I firmly believe that I don’t want any party’s agenda to influence my policies and decisions. I have dreams and aims of using my strong military background, business experience, and innovative thinking to ensure that Americans remember why their nation is the greatest and that we realign ourselves with our fundamental values.

Running as an independent candidate enables me to maintain my integrity and voice throughout my campaign without any outside influences or indoctrination. As someone who has experienced the life of an average American and worked hard to reach a respectable position in life, I know that perseverance, passion, honesty, and untiring effort can help us achieve great things together.

I believe in the power of democracy and patriotism, and I want all of you to exercise that power and awaken your patriotic spirit so that we can show the world what an incredible nation we truly are. I need all the support I can get so that I can help you and your children live in a safe and prosperous country we can all be proud of to call our home. Let’s remember our great American values and do right by our nation.

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