Protect Free & Fair Elections – Protect Democracy

While there is more to democracy than free and fair elections, they are its foundational component. There would be no democracy in the U.S. without proper election integrity. Our government needs to implement policies that are rooted in constant vigilance and strict laws to protect this component of political freedom from blatant election fraud, media manipulation, and regulatory obstacles.

I firmly believe former President Trump made a massive error in judgment when he prematurely left before his time. He should have stayed and investigated the affidavits about wrongdoing filed by our poll watchers and claims of ballot harvesting as the elections progressed. He should have investigated the claims that the democrats undermined the election process through unethical measures, such as the ballot tabulation machines not being connected to the internet, bogus voters delivering ballots to drop boxes, and more.

How is it possible for President Biden to have received more votes despite winning in fewer counties than President Obama, who was also a wildly more popular presidential candidate when he ran for office? It is a matter that certainly warrants scrutiny, as maintaining election integrity should never be taken lightly.

Similarly, the election process taking three or more days is unquestionably unacceptable. It gives everyone the unfair opportunity to partake in ballot harvesting. The fact that there is no strict accountability and action taken by those in charge to question election fraud is telling, to say the least. How can we allow unethical conduct and possible election fraud to happen?

It brings into question the integrity of the high-ranking decision makers in our Justice Department, Congress, countless courts, and FBI. Some people might claim that this is a radical thought process. But one needs to question how and why it is easy for any party to carry shameless election fraud by hiding massive totes of votes with a cloth, ballot harvesting, and using computers that reverse the voter count.

Accountability is the one word I keep returning to, as it is at the center of most of our troubles. If authority figures were held accountable for their actions, things would have been different today. That said, it’s about time for change to be implemented.

My Policy

As the President of the U.S., my goal will be to uphold election integrity and ensure our election process can be 100% secure so that democracy can win and voters get the opportunity to be led by leaders they appointed. I will remove all questionable, bad-faith election supervisors and create policies that will foster election integrity.

Every step I take will be to enable credible election management personnel to ask the right questions, create the right teams to eliminate election fraud, and create accountability. I want to remove any doubt from the minds of our citizens that their elections will be rigged or that anyone will have the authority or gall to manipulate polling in their favor or throw an election and get away with it.

Here are some steps that I want to take when I am sworn in as the U.S. President:

Create election integrity, security, and crime committee to monitor elections to prevent voter fraud and election crimes closely

Focus on investigating and prosecuting election fraud and related improper conduct

Strengthen voter ID recruitment for mail-in ballots

Ban mass mailing of ballots

Strengthen manual and digital security in polling areas

Create security measures to prevent digital fraud and cybersecurity crimes

Make ballot harvesting an unquestionable felony

Appoint eligible, credible election supervisors to rule out ineligible voters

Appoint credible poll watchers

Implement a policy to ensure all votes are counted within a 24-hour cycle and not till days after the election

Improve election hardware to prevent digital fraud and implement strategies to prevent erroneous counts and irregularities

Provide election integrity training to ensure proper conduct

Incentivize the election management process for better management, vigilance, and performance

Your Vote Matters

As a true-blue American who genuinely cares about the future of our country, I urge you to exercise your power to vote. Be empowered in your choice and help me uphold the true value and definition of American democracy.

Vote for Arthur Drew for a better tomorrow!

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