Environment & Climate Change


Aligning Climate Change Strategies with National Interests

I am strongly opposed to how the U.S. has been handling the climate change crisis and its overall environmental policy. Our use of green energy and the possibility of an electrical changeover in the military is unacceptable as it will contribute to our military’s decline.

Why do we insist on relying on external sources and senselessly using green energy without thinking of its long-term harms? I am unquestionably opposed to the concept of trying to use an experimental source of energy, i.e., electrical energy, to power our military vehicles.

How can we even think of using an unreliable, not thoroughly tested energy source which we don’t have the resources to mass produce for our military? It is unacceptable! Our military forces are our ultimate source of power. We cannot stand to derail them. They need to remain strong and viable.

I am not entirely opposed to the idea of using clean energy, but for that to happen, we need rational people leading our country and preventing ourselves from weakening or overburdening our nation and citizens. Currently, we don’t have the resources to convert to clean energy. Electrical energy requires heavy, expensive battery power that demands special handling that we cannot provide at a large scale. We simply cannot squander our resources on finding large buildings and equipment to store and handle several 100-pound batteries that will need constant monitoring.

On the flip side, we can encourage smart use of the resources already available to us. Our nation requires the expertise of well-educated individuals and a leader with a military background so that we can stop weakening our position in the world and start working toward environmental policies that work for us in the long run while protecting our planet. I promise to be that leader for our country!

My Policy

We have smart engineers, researchers, fossil fuel and energy experts, and climate change policymakers who want to work with a government that wants the best for its country. I aim to develop a committee of well-educated people with large-scale executive and management experience and the foresight to develop strategies that will work toward preserving the environment and growing our nation’s strength.

I want to focus on better production and management of fossil fuels and invest in research and development related to that so that we stop wasting our energy sources and start using them prudently. I aim to open up our fossil fuel supply and use these fuels to develop more resources and management techniques. I aim to bring our national energy reserves back up and use our existing fossil fuels in a smart manner.

I also want to ensure that our people can afford to consume energy while working on improving the efficiency of our manufactured products to ensure minimal energy consumption. There are so many aspects of energy consumption and the climate crisis that can be worked on with the right people on board, and I aim to do just that.  

Protect our natural resources

Fund projects that work on preserving our fossil fuels

Develop smart fossil fuel extraction and management methods

Maintain a safe fossil fuel reserve in case of a national emergency

Make energy more affordable for our citizens

Improve the efficiency of internal combustion engines to minimize poisonous energy

Work on cleaning our water bodies on a national level

Create a committee to oversee environmental accountability

Direct scientific research funding toward climate change

Develop strategies to eliminate harm to the environment and our nation

Smart usage of green energy that does not cause harm to our military and citizens

Your Vote Matters

I firmly believe that we can develop solutions that help us eliminate the harm we are causing to our environment while also ensuring our nation’s security. With the right rational mind, I aim to create an environmental policy that will strengthen our economy and help us move toward smart fossil fuel consumption and well-thought-out clean energy projects.

Vote for Arthur Drew for a better tomorrow!

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