Say No to Dangerous Indoctrination & Procedures on Minors

Our nation has been struggling with politicians, school teachers, official public school board members, and doctors trying to perform sex-changing procedures on minors against their parents’ backs. We cannot stand for this as our children are our future, and it is up to us to protect them. Our interests should be in shielding our children from harming themselves or permanently altering their bodies and suffering life-long consequences.

We cannot let a physician or healthcare professional castrate young boys, remove the breasts of young girls, or inject them with hormones. All of these procedures are life-altering, and a child should not have to go through life with the health-related and other deep-seated consequences of these actions.  

We should be using every legal tool at our disposal to keep these dangerous procedures from happening, as they are akin to subjecting these minors to science experiments that they are none the wiser about. It is especially alarming that they happen without the complete knowledge of their guardians.

Moreover, those teachers and school boards that are allowing children to be exposed to sexually explicit content in the form of curriculum and are partaking in the indoctrination of children need to be held accountable. As parents, we need to be more responsible and proactive about the kind of education our children receive under the guise of gender affirmation and positive sex education.

Teachers and schools are supposed to be safe spaces for children to gain their education so they can pursue higher education and become actively contributing, responsible members of society. We cannot allow elementary-level children to be exposed to sexually explicit pictures, videos, and words under the guise of sexual education, especially when their parents are strictly against this practice. It is highly inappropriate, and the organizations promoting this need to be held accountable by the government.

My Policy

When I become the President of the U.S., you can rest assured our children will be protected from harmful procedures done by greedy physicians. I will take strict measures to ensure that those surgeons and healthcare professionals who perform any sex-altering procedures on minors are punished, and their license to practice is revoked. To me, it all boils down to accountability and making people and organizations feel responsible for their actions.

Similarly, I plan on taking strict action against organizations, teachers, and schools that are perpetuating sexually explicit content in their classes. There is an age, place, and time for people to learn about sexual content, and it cannot be in elementary-level classes. It is not good for the psychological well-being of our children. So, I shall see to it that teachers feel the accountability of teaching children the way they are meant to and not indoctrinating dangerous ideas and false narratives into their impressionable minds.

I aim to focus on the following aspects to ensure the U.S. has a functional gender policy rooted in the American tradition:

Committee of intelligent and capable gender policy experts

Eradication of gender politics and indoctrination in schools

Strict measures against physicians and healthcare professionals who perform sex change operations on minors

Prohibit making changes to a minor’s sex assigned at birth via hormone therapy or other measures

Programs to eliminate sexual harassment and gender-based violence

Equity in government policies to prevent discrimination and gender-based bias

Gender and sex education from certified, committee-approved doctors

Your Vote Matters

As a parent, I can understand we always want the best for our children. This is why it’s doubly important for us to stand against acts of violence and the practice of using dirty politics surrounding gender to harm minors.

I want to protect my children from dangerous indoctrination and ensure we hold on to traditional American values instead of falling victim to propaganda and harming our children in the process. You can help me protect our young minds from depravity.

Vote for Arthur Drew for a better tomorrow!

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