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Our Safety Is in Our Hands

According to the Global Peace Index’s 2022 report, the United States of America ranks 129th in the Global Peace Ranking for the most peaceful and safe countries. It is a travesty because we have the potential to become the safest nation in the world. However, there are some obvious hurdles that keep us from achieving that status.

There’s no denying that we have a severe border crisis on our hands. Unfortunately, in fiscal year 2022, over 2.2 million migrants were apprehended for illegally crossing the border. That is more than 6,000 migrants per day! Most are people who have no one to account for them, and they have no means of contributing to our nation’s economy. When pushed into this complex situation due to their circumstances, some break and resort to violence. It is up to our government and lawmakers to ensure our citizens remain safe from such acts of violence.

Similarly, we need better security to protect our children at school. Instead of having one police officer manage half a dozen schools, we need to have enough security personnel on hand to man school entrances and identify everyone before letting them enter the premises. As a nation, we need to train more people to control weapons so that no one can question the presence of protection and authorities in and outside of our educational institutes.  

Contrary to what some misguided people might think, the police are not working against the public. I was on the highway for over three years and regularly worked with police officers who ensured my safety while putting their lives at risk. We need to have more respect for these men and women who diligently perform their duty of protecting us day in and out.

I also believe we must protect our children from going wayward and implement a curfew to ensure they don’t remain out on the streets after evening. We need more model parents who take on the responsibility of raising levelheaded, responsible, and intelligent kids whose focus is on their education. It is unto us to protect our children from drugs and weapons.

I gathered the experience of working with orphans in Vietnam and was amazed to see just how smart children are. Instead of dismissing them, we need to respect their individuality and use common sense and empathy to guide and protect them from the forces of violence. We need to focus on preserving our nuclear families and emphasizing the role of fathers in the upbringing of children.

Lastly, I don’t believe that the answer to eliminating violence in our country is to put a ban on the use of firearms. I grew up learning how to operate a weapon. The problem isn’t the weapon but the one operating it.

We need to educate young adults on how to use firearms and instill the sense of responsibility that everyone who carries a weapon should have. This will not happen without proper training. As long as we keep trying to focus our energies on futile solutions, we will not be able to produce functional, effective solutions to curb violence.

Instead of banning weapons, people need to be held accountable for their misuse of them. When put in the right hands, weapons can help us protect ourselves and our children.

My Policy

My public safety policy is rooted in the belief that we need to value our protectors and take strong measures against perpetrators of violence. I am fully committed to supporting our law enforcement and first responders. The solution to the violence being inflicted on our nation, especially our children, is not to stop the use of weapons, as it goes directly against our right to bear arms. Weapons are, after all, a tool. The problem lies in the people who use them. It’s why I believe in ensuring our law enforcement departments get the funding they need to uphold our laws.

As the President of the U.S., my public safety policy will be focused on the following goals:

Focus on law enforcement recruitment and retention

Create more training courses and increased opportunities and incentives for enrolment

Combat the ongoing border security crisis

Stop the illegal free flow of drugs into the country to curb the nationwide opioid and drug crisis

Increase the pay of law enforcement agents

Foster growth opportunities for correctional officers and sheriff deputies in rural communities

Increase the prison sentences for selling and using drugs

Implement a zero-tolerance policy toward violent protests

Create strict penalties for destroying public and historic property and monuments

Ensure all first responders work together to keep our citizens safe

Enable controlled use of weaponry

Keep weapons out of the hands of minors, substance abusers, and people with mental disabilities

Your Vote Matters

As someone who believes in our constitutional right to bear arms, I firmly believe we need to implement better public safety measures to ensure there is no misuse of weapons and threat to the safety of our citizens. I aim to make our country safer for everyone residing in it so that our children can grow up in a world where they don’t have to fear weapons and know how to defend themselves when needed as adults.

Vote for Arthur Drew for a better tomorrow!

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